I enjoy taking photographs while exploring.   Of special interest to me is the relationship between the built and natural environment and the stories that accompany these locales. Bustling cities, industrial infrastructure, main street towns, wide open spaces and endless frontiers are all settings that I like to shoot.   There are so many tales and lives tied to the land (and sea), and these photographs are merely a glimpse, usually from a passerby's vantage, of what was and what may yet be.   The relics - the barns, telephone poles, dusty roads, tower cranes, trucks, boats, weathervanes, windmills and more serve as cairns to guide one's interpretation of these untold and unfinished stories.  The hues of the land - built, natural and often rusty - further color the story.

I'm fortunate to have seen much of America - in fact all fifty states.  I was born on the west coast and grew up on the east coast, got married and had our first son out west and second son back east. I've crossed the country and experienced American small towns, big cities and the places around and in between via plane, train, car, truck, and van.  I hope to add more modes of transportation in the years to come, as well as additional international travel to broaden the perspective.  I've been lucky enough to have some small shows in London and New York and intend to exhibit more in due time.  What little I do know of photography can be attributed to the best photographer that I know, my mom.   

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work.  If you're interested in any prints or books, want to get in touch, have some good ideas or places to recommend, feel free to contact me.